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  1. Selection progress: first come first serve for the pilot (5 mentors and 5 mentee per company). After a successful pilot, we aim at extending the program to a wider audience

  2. Pairing: for the selected participants, you will receive a questionnaire with objective and motivations to joining the pilot. Based on common objectives, we will be matching the pair cross company. At the kick off event (October 2023) you will meet & greet your mentor/mentee in person.

  3. Session frequency: it will be up to mentor and mentees (suggested 10 micro sessions or 1 macro session per month between October and April); it will need to fit the pair needs.

  4. How do we know this is working? The Shine Forward Steerco will organize a mid program check in (virtual) and an in company check in with mentors and mentees, with possibility of a mid level survey (what is working/what is not)

  5. End of pilot survey: we will assess learnings, successes, anecdotes. Closure of the pilot is planned with an in person celebratory event; it will be communicated close to April 2024

  6. Commitment of continuation towards a program: the Steerco will decide to extend this pilot into a program based on the surveys received and feedback on the learnings.

  7. Who to contact: see Contact & About us section on the website

  8. In the event of challenge, feedback, change of time commitment, please reach out timely to your in-company representative (see Contact & About us)

  9. Duration of the pilot: October to April. We recommend to inform your manager about the dedication of your time and participation to the pilot to ensure you are supported for your efforts.

  10. Success criteria of the pilot: your insight and feedback as well as your NPS. We highly value your commitment, input, recommendations.

  11. Privacy: your data shared to us will be guarded under GDPR guidelines. We won’t be sharing your data publicly. Your personal goals will only be shared with the Steerco and your pair. Data stored in the company network. All surveys will be anonymised.

  12. Privacy - in company data: be mindful of what you share from your company; this is a pilot for your own personal development. Please follow your company GDPR and compliance guidelines.

For any other queries, please see Contact & About us


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Donia Ibrahimi
26 juli 2023 · heeft een post geplaatst in ShineForward groep

Welkom bij de groep! Je kunt contact leggen met andere leden, updates ontvangen en foto's delen.

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