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The pilot will cater a maximum of 5 mentors and 5 mentees per company.

A kick off session (at one of the participating companies location) will be organized to allow mentors and mentees to meet and greet and start their mentoring journey.

A check-in session will be organized halfway to make sure the pilot is going into the right direction and there are no major hiccups. A good opportunity to receive the first feedback. Online or in person, to be determined.

A final closing session will be hosted at one of the participating companies location, to reflect on the whole pilot and get some sharing stories from the participants.

Both mentors and mentees need to have a strong motivation to learn, to openly share experiences but also to give feedback to the ShineForward Steerco, so that this can become a programme in a later stage. To sign up, please contact your company representative. More information under the Contacts tab.



Senior leadership position. Willing to share their own past experiences, learnings and be a good listener to then ask the right questions. Willing to share from own past experiences, dedicated to develop talents, open minded to mentor outside of the company. Committed to advance equality in the workplace and showcase leadership skills. We look for outside of the box thinkers, that will also help, via feedback, to shape the pilot into a program. Mandatory to attend at least 3 sessions (kick off, check in, closing)



In the midst of a career progression or planning to move to the next role; clear ambition and objectives that they want to discuss and achieve with the support of a mentor (note: mentee will need to own the agenda at all times). The mentee is interested to work with mentors from other companies, open to give feedback and to drive the engagement with mentors. Individuals who will own the agenda and timing of the meetings and has a curious mindset. Mandatory to attend at least 3 sessions (kick off, check in, closing)


Participants should be aware of the time commitment for this pilot and prioritize it. The success of the pilot depends on the efforts put in from each single participant. Serious commitment is required. 1h every two weeks or 1 meeting per month + check in moment (1h).

The pilot is kicked off in October 2023 and ends in April 2024.


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